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Our history in past operation of event development can be brought to your planning team. 
Using our past experience in venue and event management can be leveraged in your planning and mangeement of your venue or event.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and assist in preparing a plan tailored to your requirements.  In our opinion, every seat, every customer and every event is unique.

Having been a leader in facility management planning, Patrick Leahy has been on the fore front of developing policies and practices that have become Best Practices in the Public Assembly Industry, even adopted by large and small firms alike.  As an ongoing practice, we seek out the best practices from other leaders in the industry so 409 Management & Consulting can bring proven industry practices and advise clients with creative solutions for each unique client project.  What we will not do is attempt to simply advise the application of a successful operations from one experience into another.  We bring a committement to evaluate each venue management planning process with a focus on the engagment based on assessments of each engagement, clearly relying on our experience, but never attempting to duplicate one operation to another.  409 Management & Consulting brings a history of facilty management expertise, delivering the highest levels of operational and fiscal responsibility in an advisory role to each and every engagement. 


Your success is our success and we never lose focus on that principle.

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